collaboration between Cameron Soren and Melissa Sachs

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The Show in Brussels at Elaine and Florent's Gallery with Charlemagne Palestine Providing Sound
Levy Delval, Brussels

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EDUCATION PIG w Odilon Redon Ch√Ęteau Shatto Los Angeles, CA, 2014
Freelance Hellraiser (Studio Visit) Interstate, Brooklyn, NY, 2014
Weepy Donuts, the Kratom Kids, Appendix Space, Portland, OR, US, 2013
Ghost in the Puka Shell, Courtney Blades, Chicago, IL, US, 2012 Gallery Site
Anime Bettie Page Fucked By a Steampunk Horse Warrior (w/ Parker Ito), Headquarters, Zurich, CH (online view)2012, Important Projects, Oakland, CA, US 2011

We,Together, Favorite Goods, Los Angeles, CA, US 2014
Sneakerotics, Edouard Malingue, Hong Kong, CN 2013
Air Show, Butcher Gallery, Toronto, CA, 2013
Brand Innovations for Ubiquitous Authorship, Carroll/Fletcher, London, UK 2013
Klaus Ebooks, TG-30,, New York, 2013
See Also: Lai Fun, List of Pasta, Soba, Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA, US 2013
Company Safety, Silvershed Gallery, New York, NY 2012
Brand Innovations for Ubiquitous Authorship, Higher Pictures, New York, NY, US 2012 (Watch Unboxing Video)
Portrait of a Generation, The Hole Gallery, New York, NY, US 2012
One Night at the Peckham Hotel, London, UK, 2011
Random Rotations, Berkeley Museum of Art, CA, US 2011
Speedshow, New York, NY, US 2011
JstChillin Exhibition, 319 Scholes, Brooklyn, NY, US 2010

Two Weird Tricks, w Ashley Munns and Ross Leonardy, DIS Magazine, 2014
Leftovers, a project for Data.Mine Conflux, 2014
Sensation w Bea Fremderman, Aran Cravey presents...,New York, NY, US, 2013
DIS images/DIS Image Studio, Suzanne Geiss, New York, NY, US, 2013
TG-30, Klaus E-Books, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, New York, NY, US, 2013
Hypebeast/High Snobiety shirt, 2012
2010 Shirts and Lookbook, 2010

The Enthusiast: Education Pig, Body by Body at Chateau Shatto, Brandon Joyce, 2014
Art in America, Summer eReading: Klaus_eBooks, 2014
ArtFagCity, Body by Body's Tales from Deep Inside the Internet, 2013
Dossier Journal 2013
Opening Ceremony blog (for the Hole gallery show), 2013
Rhizome, Artist Profile 2012
The Creators Project, Continues To Hyperlink Fashion and the Internet
The Speed Book, Aram Bartholl, 2012
Analogue and Digital, No More Retro: This is Implanted Nostalgia 2012
Periscope 2011
HyperAllergic 2011
i like this art 2011